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Language pages

Abbreviations appear mostly in my notes & are mostly from SIL/Ethnologue [Mamandel 120718]

name			abbr	comment	editor		status*

Ancient Greek 		grc 		Dwilson		n
Bengali 		ben 				l
Berber 		ber* 				l
Breton 		bre 		Ftyers 		u
Ewe 			ewe 				u
Indonesian 		ind 		larasati 	l
Panjabi 		pan	Eastern, = Gurmukhi 	l
Pashto 		pus 	macrolanguage 		l
Tagalog 		tgl 				l
Tamil 			tam 				l
Urdu 			urd 				l
General Meta-resources 				u
NLP Resources 						u
Sign Languages* 					u
American SL (ASL) 	ase 		Mamandel 	u
British SL (BSL) 	bfi 				u
Catalan SL (LSC) 	csc 				u
Dutch SL (NGT) 	dse 				u
Flemish SL (VGT) 	vgt 				u
German SL (DGS) 	gsg 				u
Japanese SL (JSL) 	jsl 				u
New Zealand SL (NZSL) 	nzs 				u
Polish SL (PJM)	pso 		p.rutkowski 	u
Spanish SL (LSE) 	ssp 		GRILES 		u


Abbreviation: "*" = not an Ethnologue language identifier; see page.
n: not listed on main page because it's not even ready for listing as "under construction"
u: under construction
l: listed without restriction
Sign Languages: Currently (12.07.18) each of these is a subsection of the Sign Languages page. As we enrich our resource lists, they will be moved to pages of their own. The abbreviations in parentheses, such as "LSC" for Catalan Sign Language, are the abbreviations commonly used in the regional spoken/written language, not to be confused with the lowercase ISO 639-3 codes in the second column.


added [Mamandel 120502]

We aim to provide a listing of longterm resources rather than a calendar of events.

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