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          <rev user="Systems" timestamp="2014-11-19T16:50:58Z" xml:space="preserve">&lt;center&gt;&lt;big&gt;'''Welcome to the LDC Language Resource Wiki'''&lt;/big&gt;&lt;/center&gt;

This wiki is intended to serve as a publicly readable meta-resource on language resources for the research community, especially for under-resourced languages. We are seeding it from our own found resources, but we hope that other researchers will enlarge it in breadth of languages covered and in depth of detail. We are also seeking to add pages about special areas of interest, such as language-independent NLP resources, resources for endangered languages, and resources for signed languages.

&lt;span id=hq&gt;Heavy orange quotation marks, {{hq|like so}},&lt;/span&gt; mark descriptive text taken from the resource being described. Although development of all pages is intended to be ongoing, some pages that we consider incomplete (marked &quot;under construction&quot;) are on display in order to make available what information we have.

To become an editor for a language, send email to '''lrwiki ''(at)''''', with &quot;lrwiki&quot; in the subject line. Tell us what language or special area you want to edit, your qualifications, and your institutional affiliations. Please see our '''[[Policies|Policies page]]'''.

We're looking forward to working with you.

Mark A. Mandel


*[[Bengali/Bengali|Bengali]] &lt;!-- abbreviate subheads for this lang. in my log notes as ben. Not LR policy or publication, just my notes. m a m --&gt;
*[[Berber/Berber|Berber]] &lt;!-- ber --&gt;
*[[Breton/Breton|Breton]]  (under construction) &lt;!-- bre --&gt;
*[[Ewe/Ewe|Ewe]]  (under construction) &lt;!-- ewe --&gt;
*[[Panjabi/Panjabi|Panjabi]] &lt;!-- pan (Eastern, = Gurmukhi)--&gt;
*[[Pashto/Pashto|Pashto]] &lt;!-- pus (macrolanguage) --&gt;
*[[Tagalog/Tagalog|Tagalog]] &lt;!-- tgl --&gt;
*[[Tamil/Tamil|Tamil]] &lt;!-- tam --&gt;
*[[Urdu/Urdu|Urdu]] &lt;!-- urd --&gt;
*[[Russian/Russian|Russian]] &lt;!-- Russian --&gt;

==Non-language-specific resources==
*[[General Meta-resources]] (under construction)
*[[NLP Resources]]  (under construction)</rev>